Friday, June 1, 2012

Today's great finds...

Today was my errands day. I went to the thrift store, fabric store, Walmart, the hardware store, garden store and gas station. It was a busy trip but when you live 1/2 hour from town you tend to want to do all stops at one time.

t-shirts to make bags

I had the best thrift shopping though, I went for sweaters (still very hard to find, only found one) and t-shirts (for shopping and hand bags).

summer tops and a hoodie

Then I found these great tops for summer. I just love the crushed velvet with the cream cami under it. The hoodie looks like its never been worn and the green cotton tank is just my colour.

25 cent rack

Now for the topper.... both of these were on the 25 cent clearance rack. The French Dressing jeans are going to make a lovely hand bag and the blue tank is so summery and pretty.

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