Wednesday, June 6, 2012

sweaters and jeans

I decided to go shopping at Value Village today in hopes of finding those elusive wool sweaters I need for my new project of sweater slippers. The reason I haven't been to Value Village in recent years is because their prices have gone up and the are double or more what other thrift stores are. On the other hand it is a different thrift experience. Here in Courtenay our store looks more like a department store than a thrift store it is freshly built, open less than a year, the aisles are orderly with everything in its place. On the other hand they have a bigger selection than the others because they are a chain and instead of relying on donations they buy from organizations like the Canadian Diabetes Association.

My shopping adventure was successful as you might imagine from the photo posted above. The red and grey sweaters were already partially felted and the green one has a bunch of holes in it but once it is felted I just have to work around them.

I also found a couple pairs of jeans. The bright red ones are going to make a great bag but I am especially interested in the other pair because they have silver thread woven into the denim. They will make a particularly sparkly and pretty bag.

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