Friday, June 8, 2012

cute outfit

I met a friend for coffee today and asked her if she would like to check out a thrift store I hadn't been to before. We were both surprised that the prices were a bit high for a Salvation Army Thrift store but we did find many things to try on.

Here is the outfit I came out with for a grand total of $10:
skirt and sleeveless top
please excuse the wrinkles I haven't washed them yet
The skirt is cotton and the top is linen, both look to be almost new. That is until I was setting up for the photo above when I discovered this:
clothing tag
The CA07043 is a sticker which means this top is new never washed. A big score in thrift shopping.

Besides these scores I also found a merino sweater that will look great as slippers, a lacy top to wear under the crushed velvet vest from the other day and a pair of flowery capris for bumming around home. These are pictures for another day.

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