Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweater Slippers

My latest adventure has been hunting down old wool sweaters and remaking them into new things. I like to think of it as saving the environment one ugly sweater at a time.

The process requires felting the wool (washing in hot water in the washer) so that it becomes a very dense material. I have to add that it usually isn't difficult to find wool sweaters, especially felted wool, in the thrift stores. What I wasn't expecting was how hard it would be to find sweaters of any kind let alone those with a mostly animal fibre content. I searched all my favourite stores and came up with 3 sweaters and a sweater vest.

The picture above features the second pair of slippers I made today of one of the sweaters and the burgundy sweater vest. They are really fun to make and the first pair are currently residing on my feet and I must say that felted wool is very cozy and toasty.

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