Monday, May 28, 2012


Most people I know dread shopping for new jeans. I used to be one of them. When you walk into a store there are rows and rows of jeans that all look mostly the same until you start really looking at them. After a long search you find one that appeals to you find the size that you think will fit and go try them on only to be disappointed that they don't look or feel quite right. The whole process begins again... The worst part of this whole experience is finding out one pair of jeans is $100 or more.

Because I now buy jeans for Re-Jeans as well as for myself my process is a bit easier. I pick out jeans that will look cute as a bag then buy them. Once home I try on the ones that look to be my size and keep them if I like them the rest become bags.
I know this won't work for most people but I am willing to help others find jeans in thrift shops, and yes the experience of finding that perfect fit and style is still difficult but you have the comfort of only needing to pay $5 or $10 for designer jeans.

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