Thursday, May 24, 2012

Consulting Services

I took a friend out shopping the other day for outfits for work. She had recently lost some weight and wanted better fitting clothes but didn't have much to spend. When I mentioned that she could get good quality clothes for very little money she was very excited to try thrift shopping.

We only had time for 2 places but I decided to show her my favourite place in Courtenay as well as another store that is a little less pretty. By the time we were done she had several new outfits that will mix and match well including a cute little sheer black shrug that will go with everything.

This was when I had the idea that there may be others out there who would like to learn how to shop thrift and consignment. Seeing as I have done this for the last 15 years or more I started thinking that I should use my knowledge and techniques to help others do the same.

Pink, cotton, floral dress by Cleo $6

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